Dorris Shavings


Dorris Shavings – Equine Shavings

Dorris Shavings are a by-product of their moulding operations. That means that they are the manufacturer of your shavings and control their own supply, unlike other bagging operations that depend on several suppliers that may give an inconsistent product.

Dorris Shavings uses only kiln-dried pine in their operations, never green wood. That means your shavings have an average moisture content of 8 to 10%.

Since Dorris Shavings shavings come only from their moulders, not from their saw operations, you get only flakes in the bag, not fines. In addition, they use a three level vibrating screen to eliminate any dust.

Their bags are clear so you can see what you are getting in the bag before you buy it.

The bags are heat-sealed to provide a water-tight bag and come with 1-year ultraviolet light protection.

Dorris Shavings bags are 3.12 cu. ft. compressed (11″ x 17.5″ x 28″) and fluff to 8 cu. ft. They are available year-round and come stretch-wrapped and palletized, 45 bales per pallet.

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