StableComfort Stall Flooring


StableComfort™ is a wall-to-wall waterproof stall mat system. Not only is it ergonomic, efficient and economical, but it is also environmentally-friendly.

The StableComfort™ stall mat system provides unsurpassed comfort through a resilient stall surface which simulates natural turf. While standing, this stall flooring system provides a supportive, even surface. While lying down the StableComfort stall flooring decreases the timeline of injury rehabilitation and aids in loosening stiff joints.

The StableComfort™ stall mat system is comprised of two components:

The first component is a multi-celled mattress filled with uniform sized rubber crumbs. These rubber crumbs provide the mattress with a very high level of horse comfort and shock absorbency.

The second component is the top cover. This top cover is made of an industrial-strength geotextile and impregnated with a vulcanized rubber compound that not only adds to its indestructible durability, but makes it a non-draining, water proof stall mat system. The one-piece top cover is fastened to the stall walls using plastic fastening strips and screws. This ensures that no bedding or waste gets underneath the stall mat system.

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