HoofGrid® Eco-Terr Grid Systems

Equestrian Footing & Flooring System Eco Grid

HoofGrid, muddy paddock solution

HoofGrid® Eco Terr

EcoGrid Mud Free Paddocks
For horse paddocks and runouts, equine barns and pasture shelters, stable and stall flooring, aisles and washing areas, anywhere hoof meets ground.

No more mud. Ever! HoofGrid® Eco-Grid

Providing perfect footing all year round, 365 days/ year. Loadbearing capacity up to 35 tons / square foot remains flexible and elastic from -58 to +194 degrees Water permeable & pervious :: does not pool waste. Easy to install, easy to use, and healthy for your horse.

 What is HoofGrid?  HoofGrid™
M/D1.5 and HoofGrid ™ H/D2.0 are a premium quality
equestrian footing & flooring plastic grid systems,
that provide a sustainable mud control alternative when
compared with conventional gravel/geotextile or other
traditional basic short term fixes

Please accept no substitutes.


 A  smooth and firm gravel base is the starting point.

  For  this paddock, a French drain was used at the barn entrance because  it was not practical to regrade the entire lot.

  to  preserve the natural drainage, a clean or washed gravel
or angular  rock must be used (no fines, pulverized stone dust, “minus”
or  “chips” or “binders” or other aggregates which will clog the soil’s


HoofGrid mud free paddock construction

  Lay  out the HoofGrid before you snap it together, for ease of  installation.



  Cutting  around posts is easy using a circular saw.



Spreading gravel in the HoofGrid system

  Add  gravel to fill the grids (being careful not to dig in with the  tractor).



  spread  the gravel out toward the edges



a perfect HoofGrid paddock

  then  add sand, and you are done.



Horses love HoofGrid



Caution: Horses
love HoofGrid

… and so will your farrier and vet

(and the local environment: no runoff + no mud/sedimentation
+ no
soil compaction = no pollution)


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