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Micro Rain arena watering systems are the latest innovation in arena watering. Today’s horse owners know the importance of maintaining moisture content in their arena to insure proper footing and control dust to keep horse and rider healthy. Micro Rain systems provide the labor free solution to watering dusty arenas! The diagram shows how the sprinkler travels the length of the arena. Horse owners have experimented for years with different methods of watering. Hand watering, stationary sprinklers, cumbersome water trucks, fence top sprinklers, and other methods are many times less than adequate and can be eliminated with the Micro Rain system. With staff members knowledgeable in the horse industry, Micro Rain systems have been designed with high speed gearing options, sprinkler head combinations, and model selections to fit most any arena size.
Microrain MR25
Microrain MR25
Microrain MR32
Microrain MR32
Microrain MR43
Microrain MR43
Microrain MR58
Microrain MR58
SIME Sprinklers
SIME Gear-Drive Sprinklers
SIME Sprinklers
Pumps / Boosters

Micro Rain traveling sprinkler reels

Stop hand watering and dragging leaky hoses when you could spend your time being more productive! Micro Rain traveling sprinkler reels operate totally unattended and automatically shut off when finished. The MR25 is your best choice for small arenas, dressage rings, or grass areas around barns. Requires 3 to 12 gallons per minute. Wetted areas up to 200 feet x 90 feet. Horse owners with small arenas and dressage rings rave about this model’s ability to control dust and provide safe, uniform footing.


The MR32 boasts heavy duty, quality steel frame and reel contruction and solid cast aluminum turbine housings and components. This model is built for heavy farm and ranch use, yet it allows for excellent maneuverability by hand in indoor arenas! Operates from a 1 inch line (or 3/4″ hose if flow and pressure is adequate). A very popular arena machine, the MR32 model is a great fit for most any medium size indoor or outdoor arena. Operates on 7 to 20 gallons per minute. Wetted areas up to 300 feet x 120 feet. Spend your time doing other things and let the MR32 automatically retract at the speed you choose and shuts off when finished! View the full performance chart for coverages and application rates.




The MR43 is the ultimate watering machine for large arenas, small pasture tracts or paddocks. The ability to
attach the durable Honda driven boost pump makes this a perfect selection to cover large arenas up to 450 feet long and 150 feet wide in a single pass! Operates on 15 to 50 gallons per minute.








The MR58 carries 460 feet of tube length, and is a good fit for many applications. With flows up to 100 gallons per minute, the MR 58 is capable of watering up to 2 acres in a single pass! This model is widely used for larger sports fields, hobby farms, parks, polo fields, and more. A powerful 9 HP booster kit may be added for attaining maximum coverage.







Wobblers, Impact Style Sprinklers, Gear Drive Style









Sime spinner guns
are smooth in action, gentle on tender crops and can operate on lower pressures than many big sprinklers. Continuous rotation, slow reversing speeds, and uniform water patterns make them an ideal selection for stationary gun stands, traveling irrigators, center pivots, and more. The Sime River sprinkler is used extensively in waste water applications as the drive stream diffuses off of the main nozzle and is more resistant to clogging than the Skipper model. No tools are required to change from part circle to full circle and nozzles are interchangeable by hand!





SIME Sprinkler Heads, Wheeled
Sprinkler Carts, Tripod Sprinklers,













XF14-30K1 booster system
gives you the ultimate in strong, even water pressure. The flow control starts the
pump as soon as you switch on the tap and continues running until water is not required. Great for boosting sprinklers for irrigation on residential systems or sprinkler stands. Because the XF14-30K1 uses a flow control, it requires a minimum of 20 psi incoming pressure for the flow control to operate consistently.

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