Special Equipment


THE SAND MASTER – Emergency Flood Control

Pre-filled Sandbags – Custom Sandbag Filling Service

Hydraulic Technology replaces hand labor for fast and efficient on site filling and placement of sandbags.

EZCONNECTORSLifetime trailer plugs

EZ Connector electrical connection system for towing ensures a reliable trouble-free connection so that lights and brakes will work every time regardless of the conditions.


CABCAMBack up cameras, wired and wireless camera systems

When you need extra visibility around the farm or out in the field, a versatile camera observation system can give you the edge you need. A&I Products CabCam can be the extra ?eyes? required to fill that need at an affordable price.



Trailer modifications and repairs Custom tack rooms, water tanks, hayracks Adding windows  & vents, etc.

Thunder Machine helped design and build a variety of projects including a special plug-type grass seeder and numerous custom harvesters.

Please call for additional information. (530) 308-4582 or (916) 452-4276